Devi Comfort About Us

About Devi-Comfort b.v.

DeVi-Comfort was established by Dennis Vroegindeweij in 2006. Everything started with a DC Hubmotor in the E-barrow.Since  this succes we started offering the following services;
Product Development and Product Design, we also can offer the Production. Quick results are possible with our 3D-printing service. For Mass production we can offer a outcoursing service.
EV Solutions is one of our specialities and is offered under our subbrand DeVi-Motion is the official Europian webshop for Golden Motor products. We can deliver all of Europe from stock such as; complete E-bikes,Conversion Kits or DIY kits,Magic Pie hub motors are widely used and offer great reliabilty.Our BLDC- and DC  Hub Motors are frequently used in bike taxi’s and or Electric cars.We also deliver  E-bike Batteries such as LiFePo4 or Li-ion.